Tips for Lowering Operational Costs 

Operating costs are required for the day-to-day maintenance and administration of any building. Also known as OPEX, these costs consist of multiple expenses accumulated over time. Therefore, correctly measuring and reducing operating costs will directly impact your profitability and even increase demand.

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If you want to lower operational costs in your facility, here are some tips to follow:

Cut Unnecessary Lights

Reducing unnecessary lighting by switching all lights to motion sensor lights will stop excessive energy use. Motion sensor lights conserve power by shutting off automatically when they no longer detect movement.

Know the Total Cost of Facility Work Done

When determining the total cost of facility operations, certain services can be easy to neglect, creating discrepancies in the numbers. All indirect and direct charges vary depending on the purpose of the building, and proper knowledge of these factors can prevent discrepancies.

Focus on Sustainability

Replacing old or dated lighting in your facility with LED bulbs can improve your overall energy efficiency by up to 70%. Sustainable designs are also amazing for long-term savings and maintaining a modern, popular reputation as socially responsible and environmentally friendly.

Consider Improvements on Energy Use

Not all improvements need to be noticeable. For example, multiple unnoticeable operational changes like reducing or replacing lighting and changing setback temperatures significantly lower electricity use. Being mindful of energy use can help lower operational costs.

Maintain Building Insulation

Opting for cheap insulation means only installing a minimal amount of insulation. Cheap insulation provides less protection from outside weather and can result in higher electricity prices that will accumulate over time. Instead, opt for higher quality insulation to ensure efficiency, gain immediate comfort, and long-term savings.

Strategically Choose Your Suppliers

When attempting to cut operational costs, quality can be dangerously lowered if the wrong approach is taken. For instance, hiring a supplier or vendor can backfire if you are only looking for a cheap option and not focusing on long-term quality. Dedicate time and resources in order to find a supplier that can work with you into the future.

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Consider Atmospheric Boilers

This reliable technology is somewhat more advanced than regular boilers and is more expensive to operate. However, atmospheric boilers are ideal for long-term energy impact and minimize construction costs. If you are unsure if atmospheric type boilers can help your facility in lowering operational costs, schedule a walkthrough with a reliable company for more insight.

Schedule a Professional Energy Audit

An energy audit is used to understand the energy use of your building. It identifies and develops opportunities to help reduce your energy use and decrease the operation cost. At McIntosh Corporation, we provide extensive energy audits that result in detailed plans that facilities can implement for an immediate impact.

Consider the Entire Life Cycle Cost of a Building

By calculating the life cycle cost of your facility, you can easily plan any upgrade or improvements based on the price. In addition to these benefits, proper calculations will allow you to budget long-term and determine if an upgrade would be cheaper than unexpected outages or repairs.

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Why Choose McIntosh Corporation?

Our energy consultants can create a detailed plan to lower operational costs by collecting extensive data and properly analyzing it to ensure your building performs at its absolute best. However, the extent of our energy solutions does not end there. McIntosh Corporation can design an energy service agreement that will provide you with constant monitoring and building evaluations to ensure that the building operates as efficiently as possible. If you are ready to work on your building, contact or call us today to schedule a visit from our team.