McIntosh Corporation has a variety of innovative fabrication capabilities, ranging from piping to individual components. Our team of Tulsa fabricators has the knowledge and experience needed to fulfill the unique requirements of any mechanical systems project, renovation, or repair. McIntosh Corporation remains at the forefront of commercial mechanical system fabrication in Oklahoma by utilizing diverse equipment and an extensive range of capabilities. We are confident that clients will no find a better partner for their mechanical system design and fabrication needs!

What is Mechanical Design and Fabrication?

Machinery and industrial parts inside a stock room

Fabrication is defined as the process of taking semi-finished or raw materials, rather than ready-made, and making new products from scratch rather than simply assembling them. In the scope of McIntosh Corporation's work and expertise with mechanical systems, this often includes process piping, ductwork, ventilation, wastewater, or any other components that may be required for your project's plumbing or HVAC systems. Since our shop contains many modern tools, we can build impressive parts without the need for outsourcing.

At McIntosh Corporation, we encourage constant innovation among our mechanical fabrication team. This is often reflected through the state-of-the-art equipment used and the creative and highly-skilled team McIntosh Corporation employs. In our Tulsa mechanical fabrication shop, we can maximize operations efficiency and pass on actual value to our customers. This approach has helped McIntosh Corporation build an enviable reputation for anyone that needs mechanical construction services in Oklahoma and the surrounding regions.

No matter what the mechanical needs of your new construction or remodeling project might be, McIntosh Corporation has the experience and expertise required to help. When our Tulsa mechanical fabrication services are paired with design/build or commissioning, you can rest easy knowing that your entire mechanical systems project is in capable hands. Our only goal is your complete satisfaction, no matter your specific needs, at a fair price. Let our Tulsa mechanical fabrication experts make your next project a success!

What Can You Expect When Partnering with McIntosh Corporation?

Clients of McIntosh Corporation benefit from our comprehensive shop resources designed for fabricating a full range of mechanical construction and process components. Before fabrication, our designers transfer all isometric drawings to the shop electronically and review specific job details. By doing this, we can ensure accuracy at each step of the process and improve expected outcomes. Once reviews have been verified, workflow within the fabrication shop is then sequenced with project release dates and work package completion dates to keep deadlines achievable.

Machinery and industrial parts inside a stock room

As you might imagine, this provides many great benefits for our clients, including:

  • Decreased Costs for Materials
  • On-Time Delivery of Components
  • Improved Productivity at Job-Sites
  • Decreased Downtime for Contractors
  • In-House Fabrication Capabilities
  • Extensive Product and Material Options

Why Choose McIntosh Corporation for Fabrication?

McIntosh Corporation strives to provide the most well-rounded and comprehensive contractor services in the region for mechanical systems. Focusing on in-house fabrication options is just another way our team can pass on value to customers and ensure their projects remain on track and within their designated budgets.