Does Your Business or Office Need HVAC Service?


As the climate changes and people are becoming more concerned about pathogens in the air, HVAC systems are increasingly important for businesses around the country. They can protect both employees and customers from infection and dangerous temperatures, and they make working conditions more pleasant. If you’ve Googled commercial heating and cooling near me, it’s likely that you’re looking for a new HVAC service provider.

So, when do you need HVAC service, and how can you find the best technicians? The answer is that you’ll need someone to check your HVAC units at least once a year, even if they work well. Start by searching for professionals in your area and browsing through the websites. Always choose someone who has a history of success, good customer reviews, and a comprehensive list of services.

Does Your Business or Office Need HVAC Service?

Almost every company needs HVAC service. If you don’t yet have a heating, ventilation, or air conditioning unit, now might be a good time to install one, since temperatures are likely to get more extreme in the next decade. Businesses that already have HVAC need someone who can perform regular maintenance, troubleshoot issues, and renovate or repair the HVAC system when something goes wrong.

Installing New Appliances 

Whenever people work in an office or visit a business in person, controlling the quality of the air is important. In recent years, many companies have installed new HVAC systems or updated their existing ones to provide their employees and customers with the best experience possible. For example, they might have added a ventilation system to reduce the risk of COVID-19 or installed an air conditioning unit to protect people from hot summer temperatures.

HVAC systems are extremely complex, and it’s almost impossible for a business owner to install them on their own. A good technician will visit your business and discuss your needs, then suggest the best equipment and installation method. Most projects can be completed in a day or two, so your operations won’t be interrupted for very long.

Servicing Your HVAC System 

If you already have an HVAC system in place, you’ll need someone to service it on a regular basis. Getting your heating, ventilation, or air conditioning unit inspected by a professional is important, even if it’s running well. This is because small problems can only be detected by specialized equipment, so you won’t notice a default at first. Your HVAC technician can diagnose and remove problems before they cause disruption to your business.


No matter how well-maintained your HVAC system is, things can go wrong. For example, your air conditioner might start blowing out hot air, or your ventilation system might no longer clean your air as effectively as before. When you notice an HVAC problem, reach out to your technicians. Good firms usually offer 24/7 emergency services, so you can get your system up and running again within a few hours.

Repairs and Renovations 

Most HVAC systems are designed to last for around 10-25 years. If your units are already more than a decade old, it becomes increasingly likely that you will require extensive repairs and renovations. Your technicians can come to your business and help you determine whether the system is worth fixing or whether you’re better off installing a new one.

Commercial Heating and Cooling Near Me: Finding the Best Provider 

In most metropolitan areas, there are several HVAC companies to choose from. So, how can you make sure that you find the best provider? A good starting point is websites. Browse the content to find out what kinds of services are offered and what businesses the company has worked with in the past. You can also check out the reviews online, which show you whether the contractors live up to customers’ expectations.

Once you’ve found a good company, you can reach out to them and ask them to give you an estimate or a quote. This initial contact phase is important because it shows you how responsive the company is.

A Good Reputation 

New companies can be good, but there’s no guarantee because they don’t have the reputation of a more established provider. Since you rely on your HVAC system for your business to run smoothly, it’s always best to choose someone who has a long track record of successful installation. McIntosh Corporation has been working with Tulsa, OK businesses for over 60 years, and we have a reputation for high quality and speedy service.

To find out more, you can either browse our list of clients and projects, or you can check out our reviews on Google and other independent sites. Our customers love that we are great at communicating, punctual, and thorough.

Experienced at Working with Commercial Systems

No matter how good an HVAC contractor is, they won’t be able to provide you with a good service unless they are used to working with commercial systems. Businesses often have much more complex HVAC units than private homes, so they require special skills and knowledge. For this reason, it’s important to choose someone who has years of experience in installing commercial HVAC systems, especially if your building is large or you have unique requirements.

A contractor who is used to working with businesses is also much more likely to have the relevant licenses and insurance, and they will know all the building codes that apply to commercial units. That way, you can be sure not to run into any legal issues.

A Range of Services 

Initially, you might search commercial heating and cooling near me for a specific reason, for example, because your HVAC unit has broken down or because it isn’t performing as well as you’d hoped. But it’s likely that you’ll need a wide variety of HVAC services over the years, including troubleshooting, renovation, emergency services, and the installation of a new unit.

Working with a company that can offer all this is important because it saves you time. Instead of having to look for a new contractor each time you need help with your HVAC system, you can simply call the company you’ve worked with previously. They already know your building, so they will be able to offer you customized, quick service.

How Often Do I Need HVAC Services? 

The general guideline is that each HVAC unit should be serviced at least once per year. You might have to get your air conditioning system looked at in the late spring or early summer, right before you’ll start using it, and your heating system might need to be inspected in the late autumn.

However, each unit is different, and your HVAC experts can let you know whether you should get more frequent maintenance appointments. This could be the case if your system is very old or if your business is put at risk during a malfunction, for instance because you have temperature-sensitive equipment. You might also need additional appointments if there is a problem. A good HVAC company will offer emergency services around the clock.

Why Is Air Quality So Important? 

Did you know that indoor air quality can be up to 100x worse than outdoor air quality? If there are a lot of pathogens, pollutants, dust, and mildew in the air, your employees are likely to experience more headaches, concentration issues, and allergy symptoms. They might also be less healthy overall, which means that they will take more sick days.

To prevent such problems, ask your HVAC technicians to monitor and improve your air quality. They can help you keep your humidity levels in control, install an air cleaner, and replace your air filters on a regular basis.

What Is the Best Thermostat Setting for Businesses?

When it’s too hot or too cold, your employees might not able to concentrate as well. Similarly, customers won’t want to linger in your store or office if they feel uncomfortable. For this reason, it’s important to think carefully about the thermostat setting for your company.

Most businesses do well if the temperature is between 68℉ and 76℉, but it all depends on the individual situation. Older people and women are often more comfortable at higher temperatures, while younger people and men tend to favor a lower temperature. Therefore, you can adjust your thermostat according to the employees and customers who spend the most time in your business location.

How Can I Lower My Company’s Energy Bills? 

The best way to keep your energy bills low is to regularly maintain your HVAC system. A faulty unit can use up immense quantities of energy, so it’s best to address any issues before peak heating or cooling season. Additionally, you can switch energy suppliers, ask your employees to turn off equipment and lights that are not in use, and acquire office equipment that is more energy-saving.

If you’re searching for “commercial heating and cooling near me,” today, reach out to a local HVAC technician who will install, maintain, troubleshoot, and repair HVAC systems. Always choose someone who has experience with commercial systems, and check the reviews and company history. Call us at McIntosh Corporation to book your first appointment. We have been serving the local area for over 60 years.

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